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Recent Loopers


DNA presents - Beats from China

Beats from China presented by DNA   DNA presents: Beats from China – a selection of 40 loops from Chinese producers and foreigners living in China for practicing scratching over. We [DNA] would... Read moreDNA presents – Beats from China

Zuckell - Looper 12 & 13

Looper 12 & 13 by Zuckell   The king of loopers, Zuckell from UK, is back with new fresh beats for all skratch heads out there. This time he’s adding two loopers at... Read moreZuckell – Looper 12 & 13

Cut & Paste Records - Scratchblast Vol 2

Scratchblast Vol 2 by Cut & Paste Records   The number one turntablism record label, Cut & Paste Records, is back with another fresh looper, Scratchblast Vol 2. It’s 12 dope beats all... Read moreCut & Paste Records – Scratchblast Vol 2

DJ Alkalina & DJ Empte - Sushi Looper Vol.1

Sushi Looper Vol.1 by DJ Alkalina & DJ Empte   A raw and fresh looper from Barcelona, Spain by DJ Alkalina & DJ Empte is now added to TableBeats library, Sushi Looper Vol.1.... Read moreDJ Alkalina & DJ Empte – Sushi Looper Vol.1

T-Kut - Hikikomori Looper

Hikikomori by T-Kut   We are adding a new looper, from Madrid, Spain by T-Kut. It’s not T-Kut’s first beats on TableBeats but it is his first solo looper. Hikikomori looper, it’s 14... Read moreT-Kut – Hikikomori Looper

Skratcher - Wild Cuts 2018

Online World Portable Scratch Battle 2018   It’s time for all you portablists to show your skills. Skratcher & Portablist presents Wild Cuts 2018. Register for Wild Cuts 2018 now by sending an... Read moreSkratcher – Wild Cuts 2018

Skratcher - Jakku Looper

Jakku Looper by Skratcher   Skratcher, Lost Tone Pros & Carpal Cutters got together and made another looper banger for your skratch sessions, Jakku Looper. It’s 20 dope beats by 19 producers, check... Read moreSkratcher – Jakku Looper

Valance Drakes - Panic Fear Looper + EP

Panic Fear Looper + EP by Valance Drakes   Cut & Paste Records is always putting out great productions, this time it’s from Valance Drakes. The 4th edition of the Lordcore series. ‘Panic... Read moreValance Drakes – Panic Fear Looper + EP

DJ A - Lucky Skratch

DJ A – Lucky Skratch   The Indonesian man DJ A is releasing his fourth looper on TableBeats, Lucky Skratch. It’s 12 dope beats all produced by DJ A. BPM range between 85... Read moreDJ A – Lucky Skratch

DJ Arthug - Choppy Samples & Breaks Looper

Choppy Samples & Breaks by DJ Arthug   The funky man from Philippines is releasing Choppy Samples & Breaks Looper. Stay tuned for the Choppy Samples & Breaks 7″ release, coming soon. DJ... Read moreDJ Arthug – Choppy Samples & Breaks Looper

L.Hundo & DJ BA5E - Space Loopers

Space Loopers by L.Hundo & DJ BA5E W/ Special Guests   Two Brothers from Coachella Valley, California L.Hundo & DJ BA5E are hitting the Skratchers with some dopeness from outerspace, Space Loopers. They... Read moreL.Hundo & DJ BA5E – Space Loopers

Baggylean - Master Cuts 2

Master Cuts 2 by Baggylean   Baggylean have teamed up with Anonimus, BNNY JETS, Goldenchild & So’Def and made Master Cuts 2. It’s 14 dope beats in a BPM range between 80 –... Read moreBaggylean – Master Cuts 2

Zuckell & Skratchy Seal - Looper Special

Looper Special by Zuckell & Skratchy Seal   Zuckell Muzic is always dropping dope beats and works with dope producers on his loopers. This one is definitely no exception. Zuckell have now teamed... Read moreZuckell & Skratchy Seal – Looper Special

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