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TableBeats is a loopers player app available for free download via App Store & Google Play. The ultimate practice tool, with over 3000 beats, for skratch djs, emcees or any instrument. Plug your device into your sound system and get busy. Choose from a wide range of various styles of beats and tempo by 300+ producers & DJs from all over the world.

We have created a loop pack with top producers & DJs for you to start out with (downloads first time app opens or via library). TableBeats Loop Pack 2 features beats by Ritchie Ruftone, Gold Voltron, Paul Skratch, Emma Short-E, DJ A1, DJ Hypnotize, DJ Odilon & DJ Claim.

Additional over 3000 beats by 300+ producers & DJs are available for free download in TableBeats library. New producers and beats is being added frequently to TableBeats library. You can practice and jam for hours and hours…

Put together a Playlist or Session list with your favorite beats, easy to prepare your practice & jam sessions. Or, use our Shuffle function with 5, 10 or 15 minutes intervals and be prepared for any beat that is thrown at you. Make sure you master your flow & techniques on all kinds of beats and BPMs.

In-app subscription is 1$/€ per month and includes; Pitch control & ASC (Automatic Speed Control). You also support the progress of adding new Pro functions and making TableBeats better itself.

Pitch control is unfortunately only working on Android 6.0 and above and no subscription/unlock option for Android below 6.0. We recommend using Android 6.0 and above for best app performance in general.




DJ owned & DJ operated





(TableBeats 2.0, Android)







Daniel Hulthfounder, UX & graphic designer, music supervisor, editor & webmaster.

Victor Jansson — iOS, Android, & Web developer.







Friends of TableBeats (logos on header)

1st row: Turntable Training Wax, Skratcher, Studio Scratches, Carpal Cutters, Battle Ave, Texas Scratch League, Skratch Elementz, Portablist Lounge, Ortofon DJ.

2nd: DJ Daredevil, DJ A1, Ritchie Ruftone, DJ DSK, Turntable Training Wax, Paul Skratch, DJ Idea, Jesse Dean, Made From Scratch.

3rd:  Vinyl Richy, Lodus,  SuperScratchSunday, Huge Music, ZalamediaBEATSYOUUP, Cut&Paste Records, DJ Odilon, BPM Supreme.

4th: Gold Voltron1200Plates, Skratch Poop, Atlanta Skratch League, DJ Myke, DJ TeeOh, StuntsOne, Asthma Funk, Crate Connect Clothing

5th: Zuckell Muzic, DJ Pryzmat, DJ Hypnotize, School Of Scratch, Lost Tone Pros, DJ Harden, DJ ZerpDJ Claim, JetPack,

6th: Innofader, DMC Canada, Open Format, Raiden Fader, Skratch Society, Italian Portable BattleThreads & Needlez, DJ WORX, IDA World.








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Producers featured in TableBeats library does NOT give away any exclusive rights to TableBeats when adding beat(s) and/or looper(s) to TableBeats library. Producers featured in TableBeats library is responsible for their own work. (Copyright violation is illegal). If any [legal] problem occur regarding any beat(s) and/or looper(s) featured in TableBeats library TableBeats will take down the questioned beat(s) and/or looper(s), immediatley. You [the producer] can, at any time, take down your beat(s) and/or looper(s) by sending a request to TableBeats support and it will be taken down within 24h. When submitting beats to be featured in TableBeats library you agree to the following terms: 1) the use of your beat(s) and/or looper(s) for TableBeats marketing purposes (website, social media, articles, videos etc.). 2) your [the producers] name and/or logo displayed on TableBeats related media (website, social media, articles, videos etc.) for marketing purposes.
To submit beats/looper(s) to us at TableBeats for consideration, click HERE for instructions.
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