Skratchator – Fiendish Looper + 7″ Fiendish Looper by Skratchator   Threads & Needlez just recently released Skratchator 7″ scratch record, which you can find at To match the record they are now adding Fiendish Looper to TableBeats… Read moreSkratchator – Fiendish Looper + 7″

Redmist – Mental Worms 3 + 12″ Mental Worms 3 by Redmist   Now adding part three of Mental Worms Looper by Redmist. Mental Worms 3 is 7 dope beats all produced by Redmist. This makes it 21 beats in… Read moreRedmist – Mental Worms 3 + 12″

The Skratch Chronicles – Black Tuesday 7″;6bc427c8a7981f4fe1f5ac65c1246b5f=cf6dd3cf1923c950586d0dd595c8e20b Black Tuesday 7″ by The Skratch Chronicles   Black Tuesday is a collaboration 7″ scratch record by StuntsOne & Zalamedia, a.k.a. The Skratch Chronicles. Black Tuesday is released on a limited 7″ black… Read moreThe Skratch Chronicles – Black Tuesday 7″