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Producers featured in TableBeats library does NOT give away any exclusive rights to TableBeats when adding beat(s) and/or looper(s) to TableBeats library. Producers featured in TableBeats library is responsible for their own work. (Copyright violation is illegal). If any [legal] problem occur regarding any beat(s) and/or looper(s) featured in TableBeats library. TableBeats will take down the questioned beat(s) and/or looper(s), immediatley. You [the producer] can, at any time, take down your beat(s) and/or looper(s) by sending a request to TableBeats support and it will be taken down within 24h. When submitting beats to be featured in TableBeats library you agree to the following terms: 1) the use of your beat(s) and/or looper(s) for TableBeats marketing purposes (website, social media, articles, videos etc.). 2) your [the producers] name and/or logo displayed on TableBeats related media (website, social media, articles, videos etc.) for marketing purposes.
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