DJ Claim – Crossroads Tape + Looper

Crossroads Tape + Looper by DJ Claim


The very talented skratch musician and producer, DJ Claim from France, just recently released Crossroads EP. Crossroads is composed with samples and dope skratches, and who to better talk about the tracks then DJ Claim himself. Read below how DJ Claim briefly describes how each track came to life. DJ Claim is also giving out one track, Watermelon Boy, for free download via Soundcloud, here. Crossroads EP can be bought on tape here, or streamed via Spotify, here. On the B-side of Crossroads tape you can find a compilation of beats, Full Race of Skratchy Beats, 20 minutes of instrumentals composed by DJ Claim from drum machines and synths, which have never been edited.

Crossroads looper is now added to TableBeats library as well. Crossroads looper is 6 dope beats with pieces taken from the Crossroads A-side tracks. All produced by DJ Claim. BPM range between 75 – 123, in turntablism style. Download Crossroads on TableBeats today and get skratchy with it!


DJ Claim – Crossroads (6 beats)


01 DJ Claim – Beat 01 – 75BPM

02 DJ Claim – Beat 02 – 95BPM

03 DJ Claim – Beat 03 – 84BPM

04 DJ Claim – Beat 04 – 96BPM

05 DJ Claim – Beat 05 – 123BPM

06 DJ Claim – Beat 06 – 83.3BPM




Stream Crossroads Skratch Tape on Spotify.


Crossroads tracks described by DJ Claim;



The region of Ladakh in India, a Mecca of Tibetan Buddhist culture, has religious and secular music with very
particular sounds. And it is by listening to a “music for archery” for oboe and timpani, that I recognized a
melody very close to the Ravel’s Bolero, a piece who has many meanings for me. Comparing with a version of
this Bolero, I realized that the melody of Ladakh is also in the same tone! The CROSSROADS project started
from this moment.



Camille Bigeault is an amazing drummer. She has a complex technique and ears wide open. It did not take me
more than 2 minutes to understand that we needed to work together. So one day I brought four microphones
into the repetition studio where she was working, and told her “do what you want”.
Once at home, I got into the rushes and … VOILÀ!
A beautiful lesson from one of my masters, Herbie Hancock himself.



You do not know her yet, she does not have pages, websites or anything else yet, but I assure you that
Kiniun’s voice will seduce you instantly. She loves, she understands, and she sings Blues.
Also, when I had the idea to write a Blues for Arturo (my stuffed mascot), I did not look any further, I called
her. EXCEPT that at that moment, she lived far from Paris. Okay. Train, microphone, sound card, computer,
she worked the text in her corner on a sketch of my song, and the next day, in 15 minutes the voice was in the
box … This is the only piece of the EP that does not contain any external sample.



From a record from Kenya, the instrumental of this song was done very quickly. But it needed something else.
And it was only at the very end of the project, searching through my sound banks, that I came across this
interview with Son House that I had used some time ago. So true and funny at the same time. The voice of an
old blues-man that brings us back to the concrete, the real. I think it was his place. Especially after a teddy
bear’s Blues !!



I could not finish this EP without going through France and self-deprecation. For that, what better than to take
these old records imitating the festivals of our villages, full of obsolete songs interspersed with bad cartoonish
interludes. Gold in bar

DJ Claim




Get you copy of Crossroads Skratch Tape here.







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