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Zuckell & Borq - Alien Abduction

Alien Abduction by Zuckell & Borq   The Skratchlings have abducted Zuckell & Borq, and made Alien Abduction Looper. It’s 15 dope beats, 7 by Zuckell and 7 + 1 bonus beat by... Read moreZuckell & Borq – Alien Abduction

Blam - Oslo Blooper

Oslo Blooper by Blam   From the number one Turntablism record label on the planet, Cut & Paste Records, comes Oslo Blooper by Blam from Oslo Flow. It’s 6 dope beats all produced... Read moreBlam – Oslo Blooper

Nemcis - JalaPeno

JalaPeno by Nemcis   New hotness from the Skratcher, Lost Tone Pros & Carpal Cutters fam is added to TableBeats library. It’s Nemcis forth solo looper on TableBeats, JalaPeno Looper. 8 dope beats... Read moreNemcis – JalaPeno

DJ Myke aka Micionero - XMASCAT Looper + 7"

XMASCAT Looper + 7″ by DJ Myke   An early Christmas gift from our Italian friend DJ Myke aka Micionero, XMASCAT Looper, is added now to TableBeats library. It’s 8 dope beats all... Read moreDJ Myke aka Micionero – XMASCAT Looper + 7″

Slam - Slam Looper v1

Slam Looper v1 by Slam   Slam is dropping Slam Looper v1, his first looper on TableBeats. It’s 5 dope beats all produced by Slam. 83-78BPM range. Download Slam Looper v1 on TableBeats... Read moreSlam – Slam Looper v1

L.Hundo - Stuck In The Loops

Stuck In The Loops by L.Hundo   Turntablist/producer L.Hundo from Coachella Valley, California is releasing his first looper on TableBeats, Stuck In The Loops. It’s 6 dope beats all produced by L.Hundo. Download... Read moreL.Hundo – Stuck In The Loops

Zuckell Muzic - Collaboration Two

Collaboration Two by Zuckell Muzic   Another dope collaboration looper by Zuckell is now added to TableBeats library, Collaboration Two. This one is filled to the max with dopeness. It’s 34 dope beats... Read moreZuckell Muzic – Collaboration Two

Own Dialect - Beats 2 Rock 2

Beats 2 Rock 2 by Own Dialect   The second looper installment by Own Dialect, Beats 2 Rock 2, is now added to TableBeats library and it’s filled with dope rock samples. It’s... Read moreOwn Dialect – Beats 2 Rock 2

Own Dialect - Dirty Dozen Breaks

Dirty Dozen Breaks by Own Dialect   Own Dialect is dropping his first solo looper on TableBeats, Dirty Dozen Breaks. It’s 12 dope beats, 6 in a classic sample based Boombap style &... Read moreOwn Dialect – Dirty Dozen Breaks

David D'Art - Scratch Loopers V1

Scratch Loopers V1 by David D’Art   David D’Art from Belgium is adding his first looper, Scratch Looper V1, to TableBeats library. It’s 5 dope beats all produced by David D’Art. Download Scratch... Read moreDavid D’Art – Scratch Loopers V1

Uncle BASSment - Vol.1

Looper Vol.1 by Uncle BASSment   Uncle BASSment from Pennsylvania, USA, is now adding his first looper installment to TableBeats library, Vol.1. You can also find more dope Hiphop beats by Uncle BASSment... Read moreUncle BASSment – Vol.1

DJ Pryzmat - Tablist Looper Vol.1

Tablist Looper Vol.1 by DJ Pryzmat   DJ Pryzmat from UK is dropping a second solo looper, Tablist Looper Vol.1. With more heavy dope boombap beats. It’s 11 dope beats in a 85... Read moreDJ Pryzmat – Tablist Looper Vol.1

FnF - Emperors

Emperors by FnF   Dopeness from the Skratcher New Jersey fam. FnF is dropping his second solo looper on TableBeats, Emperors Looper. It’s 10 dope beats all produced by FnF in 83 –... Read moreFnF – Emperors

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