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Recent Loopers


Hardcore Skratch Nerds - TR-1000

TR-1000 by Hardcore Skratch Nerds   DJ Odilon & Dr Amok got this huge looper, TR-1000, made for the Hardcore Skratch Nerds World Battle. All info & rules about the scratch battle can... Read moreHardcore Skratch Nerds – TR-1000

FnF - Hugh Fner

Hugh Fner by FnF   The third solo looper, Hugh Fner, by FnF from New Jersey is now added to TableBeats library. It’s 10 dope beats, all produced by FnF. BPM range between... Read moreFnF – Hugh Fner

HelpCut - HelpCut Looper

HelpCut Looper by HelpCut   New fresh looper from Russia, HelpCut Looper, for your skratch practice and jam sessions. HelpCut Looper is 17 dope beats all produced by HelpCut. BPM range between 80... Read moreHelpCut – HelpCut Looper

Zuckell - Looper 23

Looper 23 by Zuckell   It never stops with this dope dude. Zuckell is adding his 23rd(!!) solo looper to TableBeats library. 23 loopers for your skratch and jam sessions. Looper 23 is... Read moreZuckell – Looper 23

Modus Operandi - Astral

Astral by Modus Operandi   Gozt, Fso & Redmist are Modus Operandi, three dope producers from Chile whom just added Astral looper to TableBeats library. It’s 8 dope beats produced by Gozt, Fso... Read moreModus Operandi – Astral

Son of Lark - 9Looper2

9Looper2 by Son of Lark   The second solo looper, 9Looper2, by the very skilled skratch lord, Son of Lark, is now added to TableBeats library. 9Looper2 is 9 dope beats all produced... Read moreSon of Lark – 9Looper2

L.Hundo - Westgate Hotel Loopers

Westgate Hotel Loopers by L.Hundo   When out on the road L.Hundo challenged himself to see if he could bang out a new looper project in his hotel room at Westgate Resort in... Read moreL.Hundo – Westgate Hotel Loopers

DJ Claim - Crossroads Tape + Looper

Crossroads Tape + Looper by DJ Claim   The very talented skratch musician and producer, DJ Claim from France, just recently released Crossroads EP. Crossroads is composed with samples and dope skratches, and... Read moreDJ Claim – Crossroads Tape + Looper

Zuckell - Looper 22

Looper 22 by Zuckell Our brother and super producer from UK, Zuckell, is dropping another fire looper for your practice & jam sessions, Looper 22. It’s is 8 dope beats all produced by... Read moreZuckell – Looper 22

L.Hundo - Handy Moon Loops

Handy Moon Loops by L.Hundo   The third solo looper, Handy Moon Loops, by L.Hundo from California is now added to TableBeats library. Handy Moon Loops is 14 dope beats all produced by... Read moreL.Hundo – Handy Moon Loops

Zuckell - Looper 21

Looper 21 by Zuckell   Another fire looper by the most productive producer is now added to TableBeats library. Looper 21 by Zuckell is 8 dope beats all produced by Zuckell himself. BPM... Read moreZuckell – Looper 21

DJ A - Keep Kut #2

Keep Kut #2 by DJ A   The second looper installment of DJ A‘s Keep Kut series is now added to TableBeats library. Keep Kut #2 is 7 dope beats all produced by... Read moreDJ A – Keep Kut #2

Status Kuts & TypeBeats The Producer - Camel Toe Breaks Vol.2

Camel Toe Breaks Vol.2 by Status Kuts & TypeBeats The Producer   Volume 2 of the Camel Toe Breaks series by Status Kuts & TypeBeats The Producer is now added to TableBeats library.... Read moreStatus Kuts & TypeBeats The Producer – Camel Toe Breaks Vol.2

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