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We are always looking for new dope beats and loopers to add to TableBeats library. If you are a producer and want your beats/looper(s) featured in TableBeats library, please read below for instructions. If you are looking for a specific looper that is not on TableBeats, let us know and we will see what we can do.

When we upload new loopers we prefer to have at least 5 beats in one looper (11-13 is ideal). First you need to make sure the beats you send us loops correctly. If you have beats that’s not yours you must have the producers permission to release them. We accept audio files in mp3 or wav/aif. Filename of the submitted beats should include; order, producer, beat title (if desired) & BPM. Last but not least, you must have an artwork to go with it. The artwork must be square shaped and at least 1200x1200px.

If you have any questions, don’t worry, Daniel is at your service –


What to include when submitting beats to TableBeats;

  1. Beats in mp3 or wav/aif (named as describe above).
  2. A square shaped artwork (at least 1200x1200px).
  3. Producer/Artist info & contact info (website, facebook etc.).


Easiest way to send us your beats is by email to If the file size is too large for an email use Dropbox, wetransfer or similar services and email us the link to Contact us for more info and/or assistance.








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Producers featured in TableBeats library does NOT give away any exclusive rights to TableBeats when adding beat(s) and/or looper(s) to TableBeats library. Producers featured in TableBeats library is responsible for their own work. (Copyright violation is illegal). If any [legal] problem occur regarding any beat(s) and/or looper(s) featured in TableBeats library. TableBeats will take down the questioned beat(s) and/or looper(s), immediatley. You [the producer] can, at any time, take down your beat(s) and/or looper(s) by sending a request to TableBeats support and it will be taken down within 24h. When submitting beats to be featured in TableBeats library you agree to the following terms: 1) the use of your beat(s) and/or looper(s) for TableBeats marketing purposes (website, social media, articles, videos etc.). 2) your [the producers] name and/or logo displayed on TableBeats related media (website, social media, articles, videos etc.) for marketing purposes.
To submit beats/looper(s) to us at TableBeats for consideration, please read details above.
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